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You realize that in the eternity of space, there is a planet, just like this one [entries|friends|calendar]

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Gold Filled Cable Chains [25 Mar 2008|08:52pm]
Where can i buy 1.1-7 size Gold Filled Cable Chains for a good price? i'd like to find $1.00 - $1.99 per foot or less. i need at least 10 feet. please help me or find a link where i can buy this size cable, thank you!!!
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NEW JEWELRY TO BUY!!!!! [14 Nov 2007|09:32pm]
Hello and welcome!! My name is Tealocular, I’m 23 and I LOVE JEWELRY!! It is truly my ultimate passion.

Here’s a little bio about me:

I’ve been really developing my jewelry skills over the last few years but I’ve always had a hunch for creativity. I got my first paper bead-making set for Christmas when I was about 10 years old and I was SO excited! In middle school I made tons of multi-colored seed bead necklaces and wrapped them around my neck- I was very colorful! haha. I also used to make American Indian tribal seed bead jewelry, too. I’m so grateful to have had a jewelry-making class in high school because it really exposed me to a lot of new techniques and ideas, helping develop my skills early on. My teacher was impressed by how quickly I’d learned, especially for a beginners-level class.

I started truly getting serious about jewelry-making over the last year or so because the urge to be artistic and creative was just too strong not to act on. What was once my hobby is now evolving into a business and I’m absolutely thrilled to see where it takes me! Every time I look at my beads I get ecstatic! My mind is always wandering; coming up with fresh ideas towards new products and designs for my business. Seeing those ideas come to life is what really makes me happy! Jewelry also allows me to express my individuality, and with the help of other designers, I’ve developed my own unique style and technique that I feel really sets my work apart from the rest. My designs aspire to combine different jewelry styles together: A little taste of vintage, with a modern edge. Above everything else, I simply love to share my creations with others- The greatest satisfaction I receive from my work comes from making people smile and seeing them enjoy it. There is no greater compliment!

I draw inspiration for my designs from all over the place, but some of the greatest contributors are Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen (and just for the record, I would never buy any of their teeny-bopper merchandise!). I much prefer their own individual styles to their tween-based clothing and accessory lines. I draw a lot of ideas from their eclectic-but-classic sense of style, including their use of silk string, among other things. I also find inspiration in nature and other people, famous or not.

I love to wear jewelry that makes me feel like I’m wearing nothing- simple, clean, classic designs that are light-weight and easy to pull of. My collection includes a wide variety of styles ranging from playful to casual, and everything in between. Each piece is designed to look expensive, while in reality being kind to your wallet. I want my designs to be accessible to everyone, so I’ve priced all of my pieces under $20.

*A few business facts*

- All items are shipped "gift ready", in a small plastic baggy inside a bubble-wrap envelope. Plus, a good luck note! WOOP!

- Many of my designs are one-of-a-kind pieces; however; I can make more by request. I do custom orders, as well as adjustments- I only ask that you *please* be as clear as you can in your email when describing what changes you would like to have done to your order.

- All items are shipped via US Postal Service mail.

- Most orders will be shipped next day. Overall, I try my best to have all items shipped within 2-3 business days of receiving the order.

- PayPal is my preferred method of payment because it's fast and easy for both of us. I accept PayPal payment in US Dollars and all payments must be cleared and paid-in-full before shipping.

-If your Etsy and PayPal addresses differ, please let me know in the “message to seller” field during checkout.
-The Paypal transaction ID and item #s, as well as the Etsy transaction ID #, will be written in and on your package.

- Returns are accepted. I only ask that you please contact me prior to returning any merchandise.

- If you have any concerns with your purchase, please don’t hesitate to contact me right away! I want to do my best to ensure that all of my customers are happy with their orders.

- I would LOVE your feedback! Etsy's feedback system relies on being able to identify all parties involved in each transaction. Your username is the unique identifier that makes this possible, so please remember to log-in to your Etsy account before leaving feedback.

E-mail me at : Tealeyes456@hotmail.com, and feel free to visit my additional jewelry displays on Myspace: www.myspace.com/paulinasjewelry.

Please enjoy all of the love and energy I put into each of my designs. I hope that my jewelry helps you feel as beautiful as you are!

Thanks you so much! And come back soon!

GO TO www.tealocular@etsy.com

also... www.myspace.com/paulinasjewelry

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FACEBOOK!!!! me! [30 Sep 2006|02:14pm]
hey everyone!!! i just got my new facebook, feel free to check it out!!!


Facebook me!

thanks! bye.

<3. p
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ready to see those other fish in the sea, haha, cheesy. ;) [17 Sep 2006|07:28pm]
im ready to date now! BRING ON THE BOYS!!! ;).

myspace: www.myspace.com/joking

Check it out! :)
bye, <3. p
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Your Opinion [29 Jun 2006|06:37pm]
What is your defintion of God?
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[02 May 2006|12:59pm]
is a server same as a waiter (s)?
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HELP!!!! [27 Feb 2006|12:04pm]
i need a song from the "True Lies: Music From The Motion Picture [SOUNDTRACK]", but its not there, i checked.

the sence is there Arnold Schwarzenegger is ballroom dancing with the asian woman (Tia Carrere, also from Dancing with the Stars), and also at the end of the movie with his wife charactar (Jamie Lee Curtis).
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WHO SINGS THIS TECHNO SONG FROM C 89.5? [30 Sep 2005|04:12pm]
[ mood | coldashell(buthellisnotvcold) ]



"can you(we) think it over?
when we get harder, i still (something, something...)
darlin, i hope that,
that something that takes place,
whenever we embrace,
stepin in.... to dance..."

<3. p

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WHAT'S THE NAME OF THIS SONG!?!?!?!?! [18 Sep 2005|10:38am]
I know its by U2, but i don't know what's it called...

here are some of the lyrics....

"you've got to get yourself together, you've got something... but you can't get out of it.."

that's all i know, help me out guys!!! thanx. :)

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MYSPACE !!!! [20 Jul 2005|05:46pm]
[ mood | hot from the sun ]



<3. paulina~

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just for fun... :) [22 Jun 2005|09:39pm]

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[27 May 2005|08:28pm]
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you never know.... [04 Mar 2005|03:24pm]
[ mood | my back hurts...MOTHER!!! ]


anyway... (just had to vent there for a bit).

***New Amazing Bands***
(check em' out gangsters)


Have a great fucking day!
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mmmmmmmm [01 Mar 2005|11:57pm]
[ mood | fuck ]

hi, nice to meet you.

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hint, hint [21 Feb 2005|05:37pm]
[ mood | my sleeves are wet ]


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SOMEONE TELL ME WHO SINGS THIS!!!!! PLEASE!!!! [16 Jan 2005|05:03pm]
[ mood | ah shit ]

Description: man singing softly, slow music, phrase.

I wrote the lyrics down. I tried to make them as accurate as possible. If someone knows this song, PLEASE TELL ME. I found this song under "Music To Fuck To". And it said Portishead, but i know its not Portishead, because it's a girl that sings, not a guy. Song is 3:57 min long. That's all the information i can give you.

In 45 sec, he starts singing.

"who brings to start,
took the way i know,
move along now,
so sad,
i lost my membrane,
the shape of things
to come,
so, cause i,
stopped inside me,
there's just no time,
( sdghja;dg),
i in the roadway,
got to let you know,
and i walk the way the wind blows,
softly the clouds have ended,
i see those eyes,
fireflies (in come),
don't ask for anything,
i see no room in my life,
don't know why,
talk to me,
drag my membrane,
across the seashore of sand,
yes i can,
I'm trying to say,
I'm getting tired,
I'll never,
I'll never,
hold your hand,
hold the light,
another butterfly,
anything, (skjf,)
funny bird,
burning world,
dreams for me,
in time,
heads down,
words from an angle,
words to,
destine to,
dreams for me


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what? [31 Dec 2004|03:59pm]
[ mood | eating fresh apples ]

i know image is not every thing, but...
am i ugly or something?
i mean, this sux.
i get hit on by ugly guys sometimes,
does that mean im ugly too?
i know that's kinda stupid to think.

+5Collapse )

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[26 Sep 2004|04:56pm]
[ mood | my throat hurts ]

car accidents suck. this was my 3rd or 4th one last weekend. me, gabe (emliy's boyfriend) and emily's mom terrie were coming back from ellensburg to drop of emily @ central, and before we knew it some poop car hit us. oh well, the most thing is that every ones ok, expect that me and gabe got whiplash. its not so much of the hurting, but more of the annoying. i cant twist my neck, ahh! i'll get over it though, i did last time. i thought gabe would have pay a million dollar for the incident, but i don't know, i hope everythings is ok.

um, i love how my sleep cycle is all fucked up, i get confused what day is it, but im trying to get back on tack. ah shit.
i've decides im not going to do massage therapy anymore. im switching my major to communications. that's all.

oh! and i work @ this pizza place now. even though i get free pizza almost everyday (and get fat, haha, but not because im getting thinner by the min, not to brag, i weight almost 105 pounds, its not like i don't like food, i just don't really think about it, and stress is another factor). anyway, i get veggie like every time @ work, but I HATE MY JOB! im going to try to apply @ crossroads.

saving the best for last... :) (look down)

I met matt on friday, and let me tell ya, he is gorgeous, not to mention funny and smart. i'm really glad i met him, that's it, more to come later ;).

just to let everyone know, its super windy when your on the back of the most fastest motorcycles in the world, haha. but it gives you such an adrenaline rush, i fucking love it!
gtg drink this diet pepsi, im make myself drink shit i dont like.


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[29 Jul 2004|05:54pm]
How about, i pretty much abandoned this livejournal account (sweetnothings2) only because i didn't feel like updating, and i don't know how to change the background. Plus i wanted a new user name. So basically here is my new livejournal user name: tealocular. I'm eventually going to delete sweetnothings2, but I'll keep it up for for a while.
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figure it out [05 Apr 2004|01:54pm]
[ mood | curious ]

i am most defiantly a chick.yes.
take this test and you'll see what sex YOU are.


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